Events like Eventbrite Lite

Events like Eventbrite Lite

Eventy Lite is a no-code app template that helps event planners create events and sell tickets.

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About the template

Eventy Lite is a no-code app template that helps event planners create events and sell tickets. Can be used for creating concerts, plays, sports, camps, classes, and gathering events, both online & the venue.

It’s an easy-to-use platform helping event organizers to set up their events in minutes. You need just to add a description, title, cover photo, and set your price for tickets. Supports tiered ticketing  –  a variety of ticket types & price points can be created to attract more customers.

From the event-goer’s perspective, Eventy is cool for finding plenty of events to go to.



⁃ Online or Venue-type events.

⁃ Supports tiered ticketing/pricing (multiple ticket types: free, paid, donation)

⁃ Ticket ordering system like Eventbrite with multiple registrations on checkout

⁃ Responsive design for all the pages

⁃ Payments powered by Stripe

Event organizer

⁃ Can add an event

⁃ Has their own profile

⁃ Creates multiple types of tickets (free, paid, donation)

⁃ Sets price for the tickets

⁃ Can add an event manager to deal with the event

⁃ Can see stats on sales & orders and tickets on each event


⁃ Can search events by filtering by keywords, date, location & category and sorting by date or relevance.

⁃ Can see the event’s agenda & description

⁃ Can purchase tickets either for himself or for someone else

⁃ Can add an event to his Google calendar

⁃ Can share the event via Facebook & Twitter

⁃ Can edit the registration information after purchasing the tickets

⁃ Can create an event

We use Calendar from Google plugin. This plugin lets the authorized users access the details of their Calendar events, create new events, or delete events.

To use it you would need Google Calendar API keys. Please read the plugin’s documentation on how to set the plugin (

Note: This is the Lite version of the Eventy - Events | Eventbrite & Meetup Template. The only difference is that it has no admin panel/dashboard.

Template Documentation, Video Overview & Tutorials.

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This template is sold "as is" but if any critical bugs are discovered we will try to fix them ASAP. Development assistance and support are limited to answering general questions regarding the template and providing guidance through our forum.

We recommend having an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

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