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Matt,  CEO at Rapid Dev

Working with a coach turned out to be the smartest move in my Bubble learning journey. It truly transformed the entire experience!

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Matt Graham, CEO of Rapid Developers

How Bubble Coaching works?

Think of a coaching session with us as a collaborative development experience. You'll have the opportunity to share your screen, enabling us to prototype and build your app while you  learn and build at the same time

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Begin by sharing the specific problems you're facing in your Bubble app development journey. It's important to articulate your challenges clearly to set the stage for effective coaching.

Share Your Challenges

Remove the Roadblock

During this session, you'll share your screen, allowing the coach to guide you through the problem-solving process.
This collaborative approach ensures you not only receive solutions but also learn valuable skills.

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You are now equipped with new skills to move forward with your app development. Or you can successfully launch your app :)

What can Bubble Coaching help you with?

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To get started

Understand if is the right platform for your idea.

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Master the Fundamentals

Don't know where to start? Learn the fundamentals of in a few sessions.

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Design and User Experience

Learn how to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces with the perfect page and element layouts.

Complex Workflows

Get help untangling and optimizing workflows for efficiency.

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Database Management

Understand database structuring and management for robust app functionality.

Scaling Strategies

Learn how to scale your app effectively as your user base grows.

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Custom Functionality

Overcome hurdles in implementing custom features and integrations.

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Debugging and Troubleshooting

Solve any roadblock you face while developing your Bubble app.

Our Bubble Coaches

Jonathan Timianko

Jonathan joined Bubble in 2016 as one of its first ever users and is the founder of PierShare, a profitable and growing startup that is similar to Airbnb but for boat docks.

He has spent over 10,000 hours building every aspect of both the business and its accompanying web platform and mobile app entirely on his own.

He greatly enjoys helping others with Bubble so that they can keep moving forward in their app development journeys just like he has.

Can help you with:
Backend Workflows
Data Analysis
Database Design
Mobile Apps
Stripe Integration
Responsive Design
Peer to Peer Marketplaces
User Experience Design
7 years experience
400+  Sessions
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Jagdish Bajaj

Jagdish is an experienced entrepreneur in Information Technology with a passion for the nocode space.

He has built various nocode solutions using Bubble, including marketplaces, CRM, workflow management, and volunteer management for non-profits. With a strong background in executive roles and business ownership, Jagdish excels in problem-solving and implementing new ideas for business process improvement. His core competencies include business analysis, revenue and cost measurement, KPIs and metric management, and software and technology management

Can help you with:
B2B, B2C, C2C systems
Backend Workflows
Database Design
Stripe Integration
Performance Optimization
Responsive Design
30+ years  Software Development experience
100+  Sessions
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What would you like to know about Bubble Coaching?

What is Bubble? is a visual, no-code web app development platform. With Bubble, you can create a simple Twitter clone in an afternoon or bespoke cloud software in a few weeks, all without writing a single line of code.

Who is Bubble Coaching for?

Bubble Coaching can benefit a wide range of individuals. Whether you're just starting to learn, have purchased one of our templates and need help with customizations, or you're an experienced Bubble developer facing a challenging problem, our Bubble coaches Jonathan and Jagdish are here to assist you.

How does Bubble Coaching work?

To get started with Bubble Coaching, simply book a session using the Calendly link of the Bubble coach you wish to work with and complete payment through the same Calendly link. Prepare your questions in advance to ensure a productive session where you can have all your problems solved. If some issues are too complex for a single session, don't worry; you can schedule as many sessions with our Bubble coaches as needed.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate. Jonathan charges $110 per hour, while Jagdish's rate is $150 per hour.

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