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"This is a simple Landing Page for your startup/digital agency. In consists of one page only with various sections. The header is built within the page and is not a reusable element. This template is fully responsive and optimised for mobile use. The following things can be modified: 1. In the ""The Team"" section, the icons can be replaced by actual images of your team members. 2. In the ""Our Work"" section, we have inserted some projects that we (Anticode) have worked on. You can easily insert your own projects by changing the background image of the groups ""project1,project2 and project3"" and the destination of the links. 3. In the ""What our customers say"" section, the testimonials are displayed via a repeating group. In order to add your own testimonials, you have to add them via Data--> App Data--> All Testimonials--> New Entry. We have inserted two demo testimonials. 4. In the ""Contact Us"" Section, when the Send Button is clicked and Email is sent, however you have to specify to which email it is sent by clicking on the Button--> Start/Edit Workflow and change the ""To"" field"


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