Top 30 No-Code Startups of 2024 (Game-Changers to Watch)

Websites, web, and mobile apps are now an integral part of our lives. Building these websites and apps used to be a time-consuming task that required lots of expertise in coding.

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November 18, 2022



Websites, web, and mobile apps are now an integral part of our lives. Building these websites and apps used to be a time-consuming task that required lots of expertise in coding. But that's no longer the case as the no-code movement is gaining momentum and is gradually taking over the tech industry.

The no-code movement envelops the use of tools and platforms to allow people with no coding knowledge to build applications. Leading by example are these no-code startups that have harnessed the power of no-code technology to create their high-quality and sophisticated websites and apps.

What Are No-Code Startups?

No-code startups are companies that utilize no-code platforms and tools to build their websites, mobile apps, web forms, or any other digital projects. This means they don't have to develop their products from scratch by writing code, and can instead rely on no-code platforms to take care of the heavy lifting.

No-code platforms are drag-and-drop websites and app-building tools that allow anyone to build products in a relatively short amount of time. It makes it easier for non-technical people to create effective digital products.

These startups took advantage of the following benefits of no-code to create their digital products:

  • Increased speed of delivery, enabling companies to launch products quicker and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Lowered cost as businesses no longer need to hire expensive developers, and
  • Increased flexibility enables startups to quickly adapt to the changing market dynamics.

Additionally, combining no-code solutions with offshore software development can further optimize budget and resource allocation.

The Best No-Code Startups in 2024

Now that this movement is gaining traction, more and more no-code startups are popping up. Let's take a look at the top 10 no-code startups of 2022:

1. Qoins

Founded in 2016, Qoins is a no-code startup that has a noble mission to help millions of Americans tackle their massive debt. It is an app-based platform built on the Bubble platform that enables users to easily manage their debt payments, track their finances, and save money.

One of the unique selling points of Qoins is that when you make a purchase, the app rounds up the total amount and uses that money to pay your debt. Qoins has become a popular choice for users looking for an easy way to tackle their debt and has already made a total of $4.5 million in debt payments. Now that the company has raised $1.5 million in funding they are continuously expanding its features.

  • Founders: Nate Washington Jr. and Christian Zimmerman
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Bubble 
  • Funds Raised: Raised $2.3m funding in total to date

2. Comet

Comet is another no-code startup founded in 2017 that helps connect tech and data freelancers with companies who are looking for their services. Built on the Bubble platform, Comet provides an easy way for businesses to find the best talents without having to go through the hassle of recruitment.

The platform already has more than tens of thousands of active freelancers who went through a rigorous vetting process and can be hired for projects. Comet was recently recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor and boasts over $800,000 in average monthly revenue.

  • Founder/s: Charles Thomas, Valentin Cordier, Eric Didier
  • Official website: 

3. FiveTeams

FiveTeams uses an amalgamation of no-code technologies to create a marketplace for tech experts to be recruited and hired by companies. The platform is built using Bubble and Webflow and is tailored to offer an easy way for tech professionals to showcase their work and be hired.

Today, FiveTeams has achieved over $100K in revenue and received over 30K in organic traffic. With these accomplishments, the company is looking to expand even further.

  • ‍Founder/s: Lukas Maria Koch, Anja Marckwardt, Alessandro Kling‍
  • Official website:‍
  • No-code tools used: Bubble, Webflow, Stripe, Zapier, Twillo, Algolia, Sendgrid, Mailerlite

4. Swipe Files

Swipe Files is a powerful SaaS marketing training platform built using a wide variety of non-code tools and platforms such as Webflow, ConvertKit, Beamer, and Jetboost.

Using Swipe Files, businesses can quickly create an impactful marketing plan with the help of resources, a community of experts, and detailed tutorials. The platform has already been used by over 500 founders and marketers to develop effective marketing strategies and is continuously growing in popularity.

  • ‍Founder/s: Corey Haines
  • Official website:
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, ConvertKit, Beamer, and Jetboost.

5. Newsletter OS

Newsletters are a great way to reach out to potential customers, build relationships, and promote your services. Newsletter OS is an info digital product built on Notion and Carrd that makes it easier for users to create, automate, and launch newsletters.

The platform has already been used by thousands of customers who took advantage of its extensive library of resources on monetization platforms, curation and writing tools, analytics, and more. Newsletter OS has been featured in noteworthy publications such as Mashable and continues to meet its goal of helping customers build successful newsletters.

  • ‍Founder/s: Janel SGM
  • Official website:
  • No-code tools used: Notion and Carrd

6. Ungated Media

Creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists can feel at home with Ungated Media, a platform built on Webflow. Acknowledged as being an "oasis for creatives" who want to show up in the world as their authentic creative self, grow a loyal following and grow their business while staying true to their passions.

Ungated Media continues to help creative and business professionals break out of the trap of "get rich quick schemes" and achieve financial freedom through their meaningful craft with an extensive library of helpful resources. Webflow is used to create the MVP membership publication's front end. The platform is already home to thousands of users and is estimated to garner $15,000 a month in revenue.

  • ‍Founder/s: Rob Hardy
  • Official website:
  • No-code tools used: Webflow

7. Dividend Finance

Solar-powered homes are becoming increasingly popular and Dividend Finance is here to make it easier for renewable energy enthusiasts to take advantage of this trend. Built on the no-code platform, Bubble, Dividend Finance is a non-code SaaS that provides users with the ability to finance solar power systems and other renewable energy sources.

The platform is home to over 1,000 clients and is growing rapidly in popularity. Since its founding in 2013, the company has amassed a total of $384 million in funding.

  • Founders: Eric White, Steve Michella
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Bubble
  • Funds Raised: $384 million

8. Bloom Tech

Established in 2017, Bloom Tech (formerly Lambda School ) is a no-code startup created to inspire and empower future software engineers, data scientists, and web developers. With a team of experienced instructors and plenty of online resources, this boot camp provides users with an immersive learning experience that is tailored to their needs and goals.

The platform is powered by the Bubble platform but it utilizes a host of no-code tools such as Calendly and Zapier, which enables it to offer an intuitive and easy-to-use learning environment.

Bloom Tech is now estimated to be one of the next non-code startups to achieve unicorn status as it now generates an annual revenue of $93.3 million.

  • Founders: Eric Austen Allred and Ben Nelson
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Calendly, Zapier Bubble
  • Funds Raised: $122 million

9. Consentogram

Consentogram specializes in generating and automating patient consent with the integration of medical workflows. The platform aims to shift the process of patient consent from paper-based processes to efficient digital ones to mitigate medical malpractice risks and support clinical decisions.

Using AppMaster to build the backend of the app, Consentogram was able to cut development times in half as well as reduce its budget by 70%. As a result, Consentogram is now projected to launch its first version to the market in the upcoming year.

10. Psychedelic Grad

Connecting professionals in the psychedelic space, Psychedelic Grad is a community that offers industry-specific advice and resources to optimize mental health. It guides aspiring professionals with online courses, podcasts, and collaborating with others via direct messaging.

Built on Webflow, the user-friendly platform is designed to be accessible and easy to navigate. The platform has already been sponsored by various organizations such as Psychedelics Today, Nectara, and Psychedelic Support.

  • Founders: Mitchell Wilson, Dr. Gabrielle Lehigh
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Webflow, Zapier, Convertkit, Airtable, Circle

11. Softr

Softr, founded by Mariam Hakobyan in 2019, is making waves in the world of no-code startups by providing a user-friendly platform for building web applications, websites, and client portals. This platform is designed to empower individuals and businesses to create digital solutions without the need for coding expertise. 

Notably, the platform has been embraced by entrepreneurs and startups looking to prototype and launch their digital products swiftly. Softr's success is reflected in its substantial user base and the remarkable revenue growth of $5.1 million it has achieved in a short period, positioning it as a significant player in the no-code ecosystem. With its simplicity and flexibility, Softr is helping users bring their ideas to life in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

  • Founders: Mariam Hakobyan
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $15.7 million

12. Bubble

Bubble, led by co-founder Emmanuel Straschnov, has become a household name in the no-code community. Founded in 2012, this platform empowers users to design, develop, and launch web and mobile applications without writing a single line of code. Bubble's visual interface and powerful features enable users to build complex, data-driven apps, making it a go-to choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to innovate rapidly. Bubble has now raised over $6 million in funding. 

  • Founders:  Emmanuel Straschnov
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $6 million

13. Google AppSheet

Founded by Praveen Seshadri and Brian Sabino, Google AppSheet is Google's entry into the no-code arena. It seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace and allows users to transform spreadsheet data into custom applications. This powerful tool enables businesses to streamline their processes, manage data more effectively, and improve collaboration, all without the need for traditional coding skills. As of 2024, Google AppSheet has earned over $4.4M in revenue. 

  • Founders:  Praveen Seshadri, Brian Sabino
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $15.7 million

14. Glide

Glide is a rising star among no-code startups, specializing in creating interactive and dynamic web applications with the power of AI. With Glide, users can design and deploy web and mobile apps that engage and captivate their audiences. Whether it's for businesses or personal projects, Glde's no-code approach simplifies the app development process. For four rounds, Glide was able to amass a total of $23.8 million in funding. 

  • Founders:  David Siegel
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $23.8 million

15. Adalo

Adalo, founded by David Adkin, is a prominent player in the no-code app development space. With its user-friendly interface and a wide array of customizable templates, Adalo empowers individuals and businesses to create functional and visually appealing mobile and web applications without the need for coding expertise.

David Adkin's vision for Adalo was to provide a platform that democratizes app development, making it accessible to a broader audience. The startup's success is evident in its growing user base, strong community support, and successful fundraising rounds which have garnered a total of $9.8 million. 

  • Founders:  David Adkin
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $9.8 million

16. Kollecto

Founded by Tara Reed, Kollecto is revolutionizing the art world by providing a no-code platform for managing art collections digitally. Art enthusiasts and collectors can now catalog, organize, and showcase their collections with ease. Kollecto's intuitive interface ensures that art lovers can appreciate their collections in a digital realm.

  • Founders: Tara Reed
  • Official website:
  • Funds Earned: Over $30k in revenue

17. 8thWall

8thWall is breaking new ground in the world of augmented reality (AR) with its no-code approach. This startup empowers individuals and businesses to create AR experiences without requiring coding skills. From marketing campaigns to interactive exhibitions, 8thWall is making AR accessible and exciting.

  • Founders: Erik Murphy-Chutorian
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $10.4 million
  • Code used: WebGL and JavaScript

18. Teal

Teal is a game-changer in the job search space, amplified by the power of AI. This no-code platform simplifies the creation of resumes to help set the job seeker apart from the competition. With Teal, you can develop resumes that streamline the job hunt process

  • Founders: David Fano
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $11 million
  • Code used: Bubble, Webflow, Typeform, Airtable and Zapier

19. Makerpad

Makerpad, co-founded by Ben Tossell, has become a thriving ecosystem for no-code enthusiasts. Its vibrant community and extensive tutorials have empowered countless users to turn ideas into practical applications. Ben Tossell's vision for a collaborative no-code platform has established Makerpad as a hub for learning and implementing no-code solutions across diverse industries. Markerpad has earned over $22,000 per month in revenue as of July 2019.

  • Founders: Ben Tossel
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: £14 million
  • Code used: Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, and MemberStack‍

20. Flexiple

Flexiple, co-founded by Karthik Sridharan, is a no-code startup bridging the gap between businesses and freelance talent. Its platform simplifies talent acquisition, and the startup's successful collaborations, with an invite-only model, have garnered recognition in the gig economy. With over $6 million paid to freelance talent, Flexiple's commitment to connecting businesses with the right talent has led to substantial growth and an expanding client base.

  • Founders: Karthik Sridharan
  • Official website:
  • Funds Raised: $3 million
  • Code used: Bubble, Webflow, Airtable, Unicorn Platform, Zapier 

21. Roast My Landing Page

Roast My Landing Page, founded by Oliver Meakings, offers a unique community-driven platform for optimizing landing pages. The startup's engagement-focused approach has gained popularity, and Harry Dry's innovative concept has resonated with marketers and designers seeking feedback for improvement. With over 850 people helped, Roast My Landing Page's growing community exemplifies the power of collective input in enhancing digital marketing efforts.

22. Letterhunt

Letterhunt's no-code tools for email marketing automation have simplified the process of creating and managing email campaigns. The startup's founders, Akhil BVS and Madan Rawtani, have combined user-friendly design with email marketing expertise, making Letterhunt a valuable resource for businesses seeking to optimize their email marketing strategies. Its revenue growth reflects its impact on the email marketing landscape.

  • Founders: Akhil BVS and Madan Rawtani 
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Softr

23. Roastd

Roastd, a community-driven platform for digital project feedback, has become a valuable space for individuals and teams to refine their work. Founded by Ollie Efesopoulos, Roastd fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration through roasting landing pages, products and ecommerce stores. Their dedication to creating a supportive digital community of helping over 50+ companies has led to the platform's expansion and increasing user engagement.

  • Founders: Ollie Efesopoulos
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Stripe, Frame
  • Revenue earned: ~ $2500 per month

24. Scrapbook

Scrapbook is a  no-code startup for providing growth marketing tactics to SaaS and ecommerce businesses. With 200+ ecommerce and 280+ SaaS tactics to kick business growth into hyperdrive. Scrapbook has quickly amassed a following and has become one of the go-to resources for growth marketers and founders of SaaS and ecommerce businesses everywhere. 

  • Founders: Kacper Staniul
  • Official website:
  • No code tools used: Carrd, Airtable
  • Revenue earned: ~ $3000 per month


WXLLSPACE, led by founder and artist Jordan Giha, empowers creative individuals to share their talents with the world, specifically in the real estate space. Its no-code platform offers tools for showcasing and monetizing creative work. Jordan Giha's dedication to supporting artists in expanding their reach and impact has driven WXLLSPACE's growth and recognition in the creative community.

  • ‍Founders: Jordan Giha‍
  • Official website:‍
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Zapier, Airtable‍
  • Revenue: $2,500+ per month

26. The Pickling Club

The Pickling Club, spearheaded by its founder Giulia Cian Seren, stands as a thriving community tailored for small business owners. With an entrepreneurial journey dating back to 2013, Giulia Cian Seren, a seasoned digital marketing consultant, brings a wealth of self-employment experience to the platform. The core mission of The Pickling Club serves as a dynamic workshop, offering indispensable guidance to small business owners striving to accelerate their journey toward achieving their first 100k in online sales. 

  • ‍Founders: Giulia Cian Seren 
  • Official website:
  • Revenue: $4,300+ per month

27. Quikstaff

Quikstaff, a no-code startup led by founder Batsirai Chada , has revolutionized the employment and staffing sector. Its no-code marketplace connects freelancers and contractors with employers seamlessly, simplifying the hiring process for event and catering agencies. Their commitment to matching skilled individuals with job opportunities and the startup's impressive growth underscore its impact on the gig economy.

28. Chive 

Chive is a groundbreaking platform designed to connect individuals with charitable organizations across Aotearoa New Zealand. With an impressive roster of approximately 28,000 registered charities, Chive plays a pivotal role in facilitating the annual raising of $1.4 billion for various noble causes. The driving force behind this platform is the visionary duo of Stephen Johnson and Alice Marsh, both deeply committed to the realm of philanthropy and determined to leverage digital tools for the greater good.

  • Founder:  Stephen Johnson, Alice Marsh
  • Official website:
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Zapier, Airtable

29. Medley

Medley stands as a dynamic membership-based program and thriving community, providing a vibrant platform for individuals who share common interests and aspirations to connect, socialize, and network. At its core, Medley brings people together by forming groups of eight individuals, each guided by a certified personal coach. This personalized approach ensures that every member receives dedicated support on their journey.

  • ‍Founders: Jordan Taylor, Edith Cooper‍
  • Official website:‍
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Figma‍

30. Banter

Banter emerges as a unique integration designed to foster connections among remote teams. Serving as an engaging Slackbot, Banter plays a pivotal role in strengthening the camaraderie within teams by igniting informal conversations. The beauty of Banter lies in its flexibility, allowing teams to select and schedule icebreaker questions in advance. These carefully crafted questions are tailored to enhance banter, ensuring that the atmosphere remains light-hearted and devoid of sensitive topics.

Banter's seamless integration with Slack is endorsed by the platform itself, making it easily accessible through the Slack directory. Organizations looking to infuse their teams with a sense of togetherness can swiftly incorporate Banter into their Slack workspace. The process is straightforward: choose a channel, add topics or questions to spark banter, and schedule them at your convenience.

  • Founders:  Raymond Sam
  • Official website:
  • No-code tools used: Zapier‍

31. Jotform

Jotform Apps provides a straightforward solution for building custom apps without the need for coding skills. Its drag-and-drop interface and extensive template library of over 600 options allow users to create personalized apps effortlessly. With a wide selection of powerful elements and over 70 widgets available, users can easily add custom functions and tailor their apps to meet their unique requirements. From online forms and product lists to document uploads and image sliders, Jotform Apps offers everything you need to create a functional and visually appealing app. Whether you're collecting data, sharing information, or engaging with users, Jotform Apps provides the tools and flexibility to tailor your app to your specific needs.

With millions of users all over the world, Jotform continues to be a frontrunner in the no-code movement, empowering individuals and enterprises to achieve the full potential of no-code products.

  • Founder: Aytekin Tank 
  • Official website:

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No-code startups are not only driving the no-code movement forward but are also paving the way for a brighter and more efficient future.

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