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How does it work?

Hey, Vlad here. I lead Template-based projects at Rapid Dev. Our team has spent  50,000+ hours building custom apps leveraging No-code tools,  such as ,  Zapier and others.
We noticed that many apps share similar features, and  we built our  components library to speed up  our development process.
At some point ,they turned into fully-functioning templates we decided  to share with  those  who  want  build MVPs and go-to-market

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No-code & is the world’s only full-stack,  no-code platform, where you can design, develop, and launch production-grade applications without code. We built our YouTube clone using This means you do not need to know any programming language to customize this cline.  

YouTube Template

Leveraging,  we built the YouTube template which replicated the main features of YouTube The template already includes the booking system, Stripe  payments, advanced search functionality including a Google maps integration and messaging system.

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Customize Yourself or with Our Expert Team

No clone or template can 100% match your idea.  You can learn how to use  to  customize the template yourself. Our Learning Platform can help you learn everything you need to know.  And if you hit any roadblocks, you can always work with our Bubble coaches.  

Or you can  work  with our development team to customize the YouTube clone for you. Schedule a call  with my here.

What features are included?

Landing page

Designed with Conversion Optimizatin in mind!

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Video Search Functionality

As with YouTube , you can filter videos by Trending, Subscriptions,  Watch Later, Liked . We also have a keyword search functionality..

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High-quality Storage

You can store videos at their highest quality. The  platform takes care of  video hosting and storage.

Like, Comment, Subscribe

Users can like and comment videos, and subscribe to channels.

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Dynamic video playback

Responsive design

Our YouTube clone is a web responsive app, and is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. It can also be turned into the Native iOS and Android apps.

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Admin Panel

As an app owner, you have a dashboard to track # of active users, videos, etc.

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Watch history

As an Admin , you can track the Watch history of all videos hosted on the platform.

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$ 99.00 USD

Tubely is a video-sharing platform like Youtube with simple navigation that allows users to users to upload and broadcast video content to their audience.

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$ 149.00 USD

Streamy is a responsive no-code template for building your own music streaming app.

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YouTube Lite

$ 49.00 USD

YouTube Lite is a video-sharing platform like Youtube with simple navigation that allows users to upload and broadcast video content to their audience.

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What would you like to know about our YouTube Clone?

What is Bubble? is a visual, no-code web app development platform. With Bubble, you can create a simple Twitter clone in an afternoon or bespoke cloud software in a few weeks, all without writing a single line of code.

Is Bubble only for MVPs and internal tools?

Nope. There are apps with millions of users and earning tens of millions of dollars built on Bubble. That is the beauty of Bubble and some other no-code tools. You can start quickly and cheaply, and then scale confidently when you hit product-market fit .

How can I start using you YouTube clone?

You need to create an account on .  Then, buy one of our Bubble templates.  You can check out our entire portfolio here.  
None of our templates will  match your idea 100%. So, you have two options in terms of customization.
The first option is do-it-yourself. You  can learn how to use with our Learning Platform and Bubble Coaching.
The second option is to  work with our  team to  customize a template for you.  To  get started ,  just book a free consultation wit us here.  

How much does it cost?

Our YouTube clone / template  starts from $49.

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