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How to add templates from the Bubble marketplace to your account: Step-by-Step Guide

Enrich your Bubble account with templates from the marketplace, adopting proven designs to accelerate your app development journey.

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How to add templates from the Bubble marketplace to your account?


Explore the Marketplace: Log into your Bubble.io account and navigate to the Bubble marketplace to explore available templates. You can browse through various categories to find a template that suits the type of app you want to create.

Preview Templates: Click on the templates you're interested in to see more information, including previews, descriptions, and pricing. Examining the template beforehand will give you an insight into how the app functions and what features are included.

Select a Template: Once you've identified a template that meets your needs, you can proceed to add it to your account. If the template is free, you can add it immediately; if it’s paid, you'll need to complete the purchase process.

Add a Template to Your Account: To add a template to your account, there may be an 'Add' or 'Buy' button on the template's marketplace page, depending on whether it's free or paid. Clicking this button will commence the process of integrating the template into your account.

Use the Template: After adding the template to your account, go to the Dashboard and click on 'Create a new app'. Here, you'll encounter a 'Create app from a template' dropdown menu where you can select the newly added template.

Configure the New App: Once you select the template, give your new app a unique name. Bubble.io will then generate a new app URL based on the name you've provided.

Customize Your Template: When the app is created, you can start customizing the template to better fit your specific needs. You can change text, colors, images, workflows, and database structures as necessary.

Begin Building: Now that the template is set up in your Bubble.io account, you can start building on top of the pre-designed framework. Add new features, refine existing ones, and modify the design to match your branding and preferences.

Test Your App: Before going live, make sure to thoroughly test your app, checking all features and functionality to ensure everything is working as expected.

Remember that using a template in Bubble.io is just the beginning; you'll need to make adjustments and add custom functionality to bring your unique vision to life. Templates provide a significant head start, but the most successful apps will always be those tailored to the specific needs and preferences of their user base.

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