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Are you a TopTal member?

Our Bubble Templates Subscription is exclusive to TopTal talent for the first 3 months after launch (Feb 15, 2024).

And on top of that, you get a 50% discount on any plan.

Start at $37/month

Why choose RD Bubble Templates Subscription?

Win clients with tight deadlines

Imagine a client who needs an MVP ASAP while you're tied up with another project. With our templates, you can secure the project and meet even the tightest deadlines.

Make small-budget projects worth your time

Have a client whose budget is lower than your estimate. Use a template, maintain your rate, and never compromise on your worth :)

Boost Your Agency's Margins

As an agency, you control three variables: your rate, your employees' rate, and the hours to get the job done. Don't lower your rates; instead, increase margins by enhancing productivity.

Serve more customers

Save time on individual projects and join our freelancer network. We'll refer Template Customization projects to you, boosting your capacity and client base.

Choose the right plan for you

The average Developers' License is $259 as a one-time payment.
Save 90% with Our Subscription Plans.

$74$37 /month

Best for freelancers with a stable client base.

What’s included:

1 template install / month
Join now and Save 50%
Freelancer Pro
$178$89 /month

Best for freelancers who are actively growing their client base and regularly pitch prospects.

What’s included:

1 template install / month
Join our network for template
Customization projects referrals
Join now and Save 50%
Agency Plan
$398$199 /month

Best for agencies that win 5+ new projects a month.

What’s included:

8 template installs / month
Join our network for template
Customization projects referrals
Join now and Save 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

When you subscribe to one of our plans (Freelance, Freelance Pro, or Agency), you gain the ability to install a certain number of our templates each month. The number of templates you can install depends on the plan you choose. For example, with the Freelance plan, you can install one template per month, while Freelance Pro allows you to install three templates, and the Agency plan grants you access to install eight templates per month.

How do I access the templates?

Upon subscribing to any of our plans, you'll gain access to a user-friendly form where you can select the templates you'd like to install. We'll promptly transfer your chosen templates to you within 12 hours of your request. Alternatively, you can simply email us with your template installation preferences, and we'll take care of the rest.

Does your Subscription provide the Developer License?

Yes, when you subscribe to any of our plans and install our templates, you automatically receive a Developer License for each template you install. The Developer Commercial Template License allows you to use the templates for personal use, internal business purposes, or in applications developed for third parties. However, please note that redistributing or reselling templates without explicit permission is strictly prohibited.

Where can I check out your templates portfolio?

Explore our diverse portfolio of templates right here: Link to our Templates Portfolio

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