From Vision to Reality: How Rapid Dev Helped ECD Measure Develop a Successful Survey Management App for Schools

From Vision to Reality: How Rapid Dev Helped ECD Measure Develop a Successful Survey Management App for Schools


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About the company

ECD Measure is a data-driven company that is on a mission to help governments, non-profits and researchers make more informed decisions about early childhood development. By providing powerful tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data, ECD Measure empowers these organizations to better understand the needs of young children and create more effective programs and policies.

Founded by a team of experts in early childhood development, ECD Measure has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this field. Using the latest technology, they wanted to develop a portal that makes it easy for Schools to collect, analyze and visualize survey management data from a variety of sources.

Whether it's tracking the progress of individual children, understanding the impact of different interventions, or comparing data across different educators, ECD Measure's platform provides the insights that early childhood professionals need to make better decisions.

The Challenge

Creating Customizable question banks vital to ECD Measure's survey management system ECD Measure had a vision for their new portal, an MVP (minimum viable product): to support schools with survey management and results tracking. However, they faced several challenges along the way. First and foremost, they struggled to find an app development company that was willing to listen to their needs and work closely with their team to fully understand the scope of the project. They had previously worked with a company that did not deliver on its promises, which left ECD Measure unsure about how to move forward. After conducting thorough research and speaking with several potential development partners, they decided that Rapid Dev was the best choice. The next challenge was making the survey management user-friendly, while still allowing for scalability into multiple user types and customizable question banks.

The Solution

An intuitive system that allows different user groups to access features based on their needs

Rapid Dev quickly got to work on the project and began by thoroughly researching the needs of ECD Measure and the user groups that would be using the portal. They spent time with the ECD Measure team, asking questions and getting to know their goals and objectives.

To ensure that the portal was accessible and user-friendly for all user groups, including teachers, school administrators, and ECD admin, it was crucial to consider the diverse needs of each group.

Additionally, the team was able to collaborate seamlessly with the ECD Measure team, who provided valuable feedback and insights throughout the development process. This helped the team to ensure that the survey management system met the needs of schools and effectively addressed the challenges they faced with data collection and analysis.

Overall, the partnership between Rapid Dev and ECD Measure was a resounding success. Both teams were able to work together efficiently and effectively, resulting in a high-quality survey management system that helped schools improve their education programs and services.


Quote: "The Rapid Dev team really helped translate our app vision into a reality!" ~ COO, ECD Measure

 The ECD Measure team came to Rapid Dev with a clear vision of what they wanted their portal to do, but they had no experience in developing applications. The Rapid Dev team took on the challenge and worked closely with the ECD Measure team to develop an MVP for schools that needed a tool for survey management and results tracking.

The MVP went through multiple rounds of testing, including focus groups and the user testing phase. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with users praising the app for its usability and features.

The end result was a successful MVP that met all of the ECD Measure team's requirements and exceeded their expectations. The Rapid Dev team was proud to have been a part of this project and to have helped the ECD Measure team achieve its goals.

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