Redditly - Like Reddit

Redditly - Like Reddit

Redditly is a no-code template that aggregates content from its users just like Reddit.

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About the template

Redditly is a no-code template that aggregates content from its users just like Reddit. Users can submit a wide variety of content, not just news. It supports upvotes and downvotes of posts and comments, the most upvoted content is at the top of the page. Only registered users can vote or leave comments.

There are communities a user can follow that can cover a variety of topics ranging from niche to general, so everyone can find any type of content on the site.

Redditly is easily navigable, highly visual, and intuitive for new visitors and experienced customers, with similar mobile and desktop experiences for the user.


- Fully responsive pages

- Multi-level comments with upvotes and downvotes

- Replies to comments

- Admin dashboard

- Messaging


- Can submit a post

- Is able to join a community and submit a post there

- Can vote submissions and comments up or down

- Can have real-time conversations with any post author

- Can share articles via Social Media

Platform owner (admin)

- Can create communities

- Can manage posts

- Can manage users

- Can manage reported posts.

27-th of Apr 2022 - UPDATE NOTE: The documentation for this template has been significantly improved and now it's quite comprehensive and detailed:

Template Documentation, Video Overview & Tutorials.

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This template is sold "as is" but if any critical bugs are discovered we will try to fix them ASAP. Development assistance and support are limited to answering general questions regarding the template and providing guidance through our forum.

We recommend having an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

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