Nocode Bible - Pro V1.2
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Nocode Bible - Pro V1.2

**No-code Bible Pro** was a template for rapid application development. Thanks to dozens of "widgets," you can develop your dream application 10X faster.

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About the template


**No-code Bible Pro** was a template for rapid application development. Thanks to dozens of "widgets," you can develop your dream application 10X faster.
The No-code Bible series is also featured on [Bubble's Academy]( page.

# Details

No-code Bible consists of two free templates that make Bubble easy to learn and a Pro template that can significantly increase the speed of application development. Constantly updated content includes almost everything you might need when developing a Bubble app, from expert-level tips to Regex patterns.

### What's new in version 1.2

**Two new copyable widgets**

- Advanced Chat - Group messaging and quoting features like WhatsApp.
- Documentation Finder - you can search within the document using the Ctrl+F keys. If you show different data using the same data type on a single page, this widget will significantly improve the UX experience.

**One new Expert Tip**

### **What's new in version 1.1**

**Three new copyable widgets**

- Story - Have the story feature like on Instagram.
- Invitation - Send an invitation link as in ClubHouse.
- Estimated Read Time - Show your users the estimated reading time of your posts.

**One new RegEx Pattern**

- Word Count

**One new Expert Tip**

- How to bulk install option sets!

### Features

- Copyable Widgets

With the videos we have prepared, learn how to use this template as the basis of your application or integrate it into different data types in another application. It only takes a few seconds to use the widgets in this template and a few minutes in another application. Each module has separate documentation.

### Widget List

- Comments & Replies - Fully responsive to comments and replies to comments. It also has a like feature for comments or replies.
- Time-limited verification code sending- An excellent way for users to take maximum security during their transactions.
- Likes - Need a like feature like on Facebook? Integrate now.
- Star Rating - A great way to rate and show them the average of their user ratings.
- Upvote - Will you do better than Product Hunt? You can start right away.
- Right-click context menu - Use a context menu that opens with a right click of the mouse, copy it to another application if you wish, and add the features you want.
- Follow & Unfollow - Nowadays, everyone follows each other. If you need it in your application, start using it now.
- Bookmark- A great way to go back and look at things later.
- Comment Module- Let your users comment.

### Other Widgets

- Link Counter - Record how many times a link is clicked and show it to your users.
- Show notification in the browser
- Did your user receive a new message while in another tab? You can show them this in the browser's header.
- Tooltips for unsupported elements - Learn how!
- Undo or delete completely - Create a recycle bin like in Windows!

### Mini-Apps

- Messaging- Ready-made workflows, compatible with all devices, and a beautiful design. It allows users to message each other privately. It was also manufactured in a way that these mini-apps can easily copy. It only takes less than 10 minutes to start using it in a different app!

### Special actions

Enable users to undo their actions, and use API workflows and database triggers together.

### API calls

You can manage your application via API. That will make your app more powerful! Bubble's workflow API and Data API are ready for you.

- API call list
- Bulk create new things (Bubble API)
- Create a new thing (Bubble API)
- Delete Data (Bubble API)
- Get list and search (Bubble API)
- Modify Data (Bubble API)
- Replace Data (Bubble API)
- Create a new thing (with endpoint)

### Tips

We have prepared and categorized 50+ general and expert-level tips for you.

### Regex Patterns

Frequently used RegEx patterns with usage examples.

### Wireframe

Compatible with 1280px all devices

You will be able to create your page designs using this wireframe quickly.

### Admin Panel

You will have a panel with user management, user analysis, email marketing, and account management features.

### Updated content

The No-code Bible will be continually developed and updated. Please send us your widget or feature requests using the forms at [](

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This template can be used multiple times to create applications for you own use, personal or business, that you can monetize your application with paid users or advertising. You should not use this license to build apps for others. Read more about template licenses here.

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