Lendy - Peer 2 Peer Lending

Lendy - Peer 2 Peer Lending

Lendy is a full-featured peer-to-peer lending application built without code.

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About the template

Lendy is a full-featured peer-to-peer lending application built without code. This is a great no-code template for a microfinancing company, small quick loans, or even a loan aggregator. It comes with card & bank payments, multiple loan repayment options, a loan grading/rating system, admin & investor dashboards, and more.


- Responsive design

- Admin Dashboard for Management

- Dashboards for Borrower & Investor

- Secure & Fintech compliant signup process

- Bank payments powered by Plaid & Dwolla

- Bank Withdrawals Powered by Dwolla

- Flexible loan repayment system

- Standard Email Notifications



- Get a loan with a fixed rate (check the rate, choose the loan type)

- Pay off the loan with fixed terms

- Pay off the loan any time

- Withdraw the money

- Become an investor


- Make an investment (fund the loans)

- Earn by receiving monthly returns from the funds invested

- Become a borrower

Admin (platform owner)

- Approve loans

- Approve withdrawals

- See all the investments made on the platform

- See all the loans

- See all the investors

- See all the transactions & their statuses.


The template comes with a paid plugin - Dwolla - that enables ACH/bank payments. You would need to subscribe to it (or buy it) or you can as well replace the payment functionality in any way you wish.

29-th of Apr 2022 - UPDATE NOTE: The documentation for this template has been significantly improved and now it's quite comprehensive and detailed.

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We recommend having an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

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