JustFans - OnlyFans Clone
Social Media (With Freelance Functionality)

JustFans - OnlyFans Clone

JustFans is a template for Bubble. (updated with the new responsive engine, video sharing within posts/stories, and other features.)

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About the template

JustFans - OnlyFans Clone Template 🦄

JustFans is a template for Bubble. (updated with the new responsive engine, video sharing within posts/stories, and other features.)

JustFans is a social media app like OnlyFans. Content creators share content, and users who want to see this content subscribes. With this product designed as a single page, you can increase your social media experience!

Like most social media apps, it has a feed feature. To maximize the interaction between users, it includes a comment and reply system. A messaging system was added so that content creators and subscribers could communicate with each other. And a highly advanced notification system is included in this template.

JustFans includes backend workflows. To use this template with all-inclusive, you need to upgrade your plan to "personal" at least.


  • On this update you will be able to change all primary colors on the template with few clicks.
  • Updated fonts to "global font variables"
  • Updated styles to "global style variables"
  • Login page design updated
  • App version upgraded to 18


  • Video sharing within post & stories added.


  • Fully responsive and modern design (NEW ENGINE)
  • One page design (except admin&creator panels)
  • OnlyFans-like appearance
  • Social Media like OnlyFans
  • Stripe payments
  • Subscription plans (Users can choose between these plans below)
  • Free
  • 10$
  • 15$
  • 20$
  • 30$
  • 40$
  • 50$
  • Message feature between subscriber and creator
  • Advanced creator dashboard
  • Advanced admin panel
  • User Profile
  • Notifications
  • Story features like Instagram (with videos)
  • Three user types (user, admin, creator)
  • Users can subscribe to multiple creators
  • Users can like creator's posts
  • Users can create comments
  • Users can create replies
  • Users can like comments
  • Users can bookmark posts
  • Admin can send e-mail to all or specific users
  • The creator can send the same message at once to all subscribers
  • Well documented

🔴Important Notes:This template is as presented, if you find an important bug it will be tried to be resolved as soon as possible. We would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to drop us any inquiries in the Bubble forum and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas.📖Check out the documentation for more detailed info:Documentation 📌You can see our other templates from here:Rapid DevPlease send an e-mail to support@rapidevelopers.com for your questions, inquiries, and other things.


Social, Responsive


Under the Standard license, this template can be used multiple times to create applications for you own use, personal or business, that you can monetize your application with paid users or advertising. You should not use this license to build apps for others. The Developer license lets you build multiple applications based on this template for yourself and for others.
Read more about template licenses here.

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